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Product Overview: Dell 3520 Battery

On this page you will find the list of the best Dell 3520 Battery including the datasheet, user reviews issued by users who have already purchased the product, info on the price, active promotions and deals in the United States online stores.

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Product Reviews: Dell 3520 Battery

On this page you can find a list of products with their reviews and opinions issued by customers who have already purchased Dell 3520 Battery.

Alipower 6-Cell Laptop Battery Replacement Compatible with Dell J1KND Inspiron 3520 15R N5010 N5110 N5030 N5040 N5050 17R N7010 N7110 14R N4010 N4110 M5040 Vostro 3420 3450 3550
  • Battery type: Li-ion Battery; Cells: 6-cell; Voltage: 11.1V; Capacity: 5200mAh/58Wh
  • 100% New from Manufacturer, about 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery. Overcharger and Discharger Circuit Protection, CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety
  • Compatible Models: Inspiron N5010 N5030 N5040 N5050 N7010 N7110 N4010 N4110 M5030 M5010 M5110 3520,Vostro 3450 3550 3750; Dell Inspiron 13R N3010 N3010D N3010D-148 N3010D-168
  • Compatible Part Numbers: J1KND 4T7JN 312-0234 04YRJH 9T48V 383CW W7H3N 312-0233 451-11510 07XFJJ 9TCXN YXVK2
  • ALIPOWER WARRANTY: We can ensure a 12 month warranty if you have any problems with our battery.We try our best to provide best prices possible on the highest quality products and the most popular brands.
SUNNEAR GJKNX Laptop Battery Replacement for Dell Precision 15 3520 3530 M3520 M3530 Latitude 14 E5480 E5490 E5491 Latitude 15 E5580 E5590 E5591 Series 93FTF 3DDDG GD1JP DY9NT 5YHR4 7.6V 68Wh 8500mAh
  • Model Number : GJKNX, Capacity: 68Wh/8500mAh , Voltage: 7.6V, Color: Black ;
  • Compatible Part Number: GJKNX 0GD1JP GD1JP DY9NT 0DY9NT 5YHR4 KCM82 451-BBZG FPT1C 93FTF 3DDDG ;
  • Fits Model: DELL Precision 3520 3530 M3520 M3530 DELL Latitude E5480 E5490 E5491 E5580 E5590 E5591 Series Notebook ;
  • Matters need attention: Please compare with your original battery before purchase , to make sure you have choose the correct battery model . We require that the models of the batteries should be exactly the same. Because even though the laptop models are the same, The models of the batteries used inside the computers may be different. Although they may be compatible with each other but the connecting wire lengths of them may be different so the batteries may not be installed;
  • Install & Storage Condition: Please read the battery manual carefully before installing the battery; If the battery is going to be stored for a long time (more than 3 months), it must be charged over 80%, it must be stored in a dry environment with a temperature range of 10-35 Celsius degree, avoid exposure to the sunlight; Don't disassemble & crush , don't pierce the battery with any sharp knife.
Dentsing 7.6V 68Wh/8500mAh 4-Cell GJKNX Laptop Battery Compatible with Dell Latitude E5480 E5580 E5490 E5491 E5590 E5591 Precision 15 3520 M3530 Series Notebook 93FTF GD1JP DY9NT 5YHR4 451-BBZG
  • Model: GJKNX Color:Black
  • Voltage:7.6V Capacity:68wh/8500mAh Cell:4-Cell
  • Compatible P/N: GJKNX, 93FTF, GD1JP, 0GD1JP, DV9NT, DY9NT, 0DY9NT, 3DDDG, 5YHR4, 451-BBZG
  • Compatible with: Dell Latitude 14 5480 E5480 15 5580 E5580 14 5490 E5490 14 5491 E5491 15 5590 E5590 15 5591 E5591 Precision 15 3520 3530 M3520 M3530 Series. NOT fit for dell latitude 12 5280 E5280.
  • The package includes: 1X GJKNX battery, instruction manual. Before purchasing, please open the back cover of the laptop to confirm the battery model and capacity.
ZTHY 68Wh GJKNX Battery Replacement for Dell Latitude 5480 5580 5280 5590 5490 E5480 E5580 E5490 E5590 Precision 15 3520 3530 Series GD1JP 0GD1JP DY9NT 0DY9NT 5YHR4 451-BBZG 7.6V 4-Cell 8500mAh
  • 【Specifications】 Battery type:Li-ion. Voltage: 7.6V.Capacity: 68Whr/4-Cell. 100% New from Manufacturer. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • 【Replace Part Number】 GJKNX, GD1JP, 0GD1JP, DY9NT, 0DY9NT, 5YHR4, 451-BBZG.
  • 【Compatible Models】Dell Precision 15-3520 3530 Series, Dell Latitude E5480 E5580 E5490 E5590,Dell Latitude 5280 5480 5490 5580 5590 Series,Dell Latitude 14-5491 Series,Dell Latitude 15-5591 15-5590 Series, (See Description Fit Laptop Models).
  • 【Security】All ZTHY products are Certified by CE, FCC for safety. Strict guidelines for compatibility, and standards compliance for environment safety.
  • 【ZTHY Laptop Battery Return Policy】Rest assured with 30 days Refund and 12 months Warranty,also get our friendly customer service.
ANTIEE 68Wh GJKNX Laptop Battery Replacement for Dell Latitude 5480 5580 5280 5490 5491 5580 5590 5591 E5480 E5580 E5590 E5490 Precision 15 3520 3530 M3520 GD1JP 0GD1JP DY9NT 0DY9NT 5YHR4 451-BBZG
  • 【Specification】Voltage: 7.6V. Capacity: 68Wh 8500mAh 4-Cell. Battery Type: Li-ion. Condition: Brand new, from high quality materials, top circuit boards and grade battery cells.
  • 【Compatible Part Number】GJKNX, GD1JP, 0GD1JP, DY9NT, 0DY9NT, 5YHR4, 451-BBZG.
  • 【Compatible Laptop Models】Dell Latitude 5480 5580 5280 5288 5488 5490 5491 5495 5580 5590 5591, Dell Latitude E5280 E5288 E5480 E5490 E5491 E5580 E5590 E5591 Series, Dell Precision 15 3520 3530 M3520 M3530 Series.
  • 【ANTIEE Promise】Every one of our replacement batteries has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the true charge capacity, circuit protection, stable current, low self-discharge. And our batteries are UL / CE / FCC / RoHS Certified for safety, it can provide up to 500 charging cycles over the life.
  • 【ANTIEE After-sales】We are confident in the performance of the replacement battery, and we support 30 days money back, 12 months of warranty, we will refund or replace! If you have any doubts, please contact us by email at any time, our professional technical team is always on standby to help you and provide you with considerate after-sales service.

Learn directly from other people's shopping experience: they are useful to understand the quality of the product, if it really corresponds to what is going to be shipped, if there are production defects or if there is anything else that you should know.Users who release reviews on Dell 3520 Battery give useful information not only about the purchasing experience but also about the use in real life, it is thanks to these feedback that you can learn valuable information about the product. The proposed list ranks products based on the votes received, positive opinions and relevance to the customer needs.

Every product page includes product images that allow you to identify both strengths and weaknesses of the product.


The price list can be subject to price variations based on any discount of the day, to find the last price, simply click on the dedicated button “View Details”. How can you get the best deal? Read and learn in order to select the most convenient offer. We have categorized the products in order to show the most popular and best sellers.

The price is updated every day so you always know how much Dell 3520 Battery actually costs.

Promotions and Deals in the United States

During the year there are many promotions on products for sale online and Dell 3520 Battery could be subject to big discounts.

Promotions can be seen in the product presentation box, if a promotion is active you will see a green box with "offer".

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The product Dell 3520 Battery can be found in the dedicated product catalog where the entire list of products on sale is presented.

Dell 3520 Battery is included in the 2020 catalog presentation along with the family of products belonging to the Brand.

The online catalog is updated frequently in order to provide the latest details, product inforomation and price.

Where to buy?

If you are asking yourself where to buy Dell 3520 Battery? Buy online or directly in a shop?

  1. Online The advantages of online stores are the immediate availability of Dell 3520 Battery, you can receive the products directly at home by courier (sometimes even without shipping costs). Online you can also consult the technical sheets that show the details and read the opinions of the users who have tried it.
  2. Physical Store In a physical store instead you can try the product with your own hands, you can directly see Dell 3520 Battery and how it works and therefore have a clear idea on the purchase you are going to make. In some cases you can receive information from the experts in the store and then evaluate further information and features. We can basically say that buy online means savings. Most of the time online shops sells at higher prices.

Dell 3520 Battery may be available or on arrival, only in some cases it will no longer be available; it suffice to read the details of the product card to see if it will return for sale soon.

The advantage of Amazon is that of be able to count on Prime , the service that reduces costs making shipping free in many cases.Ebay on the other hand can rely on the guarantee of those who choose paypal as a payment method and different ads from Dell 3520 Battery used.

No products found.

Searching for similar products

If the details, the data sheet and the information obtained by reading the reviews did not convince you you can find alternatives for Dell 3520 Battery below. Depending on your needs and brand preferences, there are several interesting alternative products or similar products that can perform the same function within certain limits. By reading the reviews and opinions of these products you can understand if they can actually be a choice to consider.

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If you are already considering buying on Amazon or eBay, we advise you to take a look at the Amazon Discount Coupon page so you can get an additional price discount. All you have to do is use the discount coupon to reduce the cost of your purchest and then get Dell 3520 Battery at a lower price.

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