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DISCOUNTBestseller Folding Dj Laptop Stand
Magma 75527 Vektor Laptop Stand with Pouch
  • Accommodates laptops up to 17”, DJ-controllers, CDJ’s and production gear
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Solid Quick-Release Clamp Mechanism for easy assembling and breakdown
  • Continuous height adjustable (22-35 cm / 8.5-14 inch) and 360 degree rotatable laptop tray
  • Step-less angle adjustable center leg and laptop tray
Bestseller Folding Dj Laptop Stand
RockJam RJLP1 Adjustable Desk Mounted Desktop Laptop Stand Laptop Riser and DJ Controller Stand
  • Laptop holder with high-quality construction
  • Laptop riser stand that holds up to 3. 6 KG’s
  • Computer stands for laptop with quick and easy setup
  • Laptop rest with 16 custom settings
  • Laptop riser adjustable to accommodate Laptops & DJ Controllers
Bestseller Folding Dj Laptop Stand
Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder, Ergonomic Adjustable Ultrabook Stand Riser Portable with Mouse Pad Compatible with MacBook Air Pro, Dell, HP, Lenovo Light Weight Aluminum Up to 17"(Black)
  • Select "Add both to Cart" to automatically apply promo code FYUPUR32 in Special offers and product promotions to get a free desk phone stand ; Ergonomic Adjustable Design: Ergonomists emphasize that it is healthy to find the most comfortable angle of effective labor time. Our Urmust Ergonomic Notebook Stand can continuously different angle adjustment from 0 ° to 90 ° to prevent your sedentary cervical spine, spinal injuries.
  • Durable and Ventilation Hollow Design: With the specially processed aluminum alloy material, Urmust Notebook stand can be delicate feel, easy to clean, rust-proof; scratch-proof; Metal heat conduction alloy and ventilation hollow design, to help computer on cooling, prevent overheating.
  • Protective Stable and Foldable: Urmust Adjustable Laptop Stand is sturdy to support up to 8.8 lbs(4kg); the rubber on the holder's hands sticks tightly, ensure your laptop stable on the stand and prevent any scratches.Foldable to save space for easy storage and designed handle hole for easy carrying.
  • Wide Suitable for Most Notebooks: This Urmust Laptop Stand is compatible with all laptops from 10''-15.6'', Such as Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Powerbook, iPad and 10" to 15.6"Asus, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, and other notebook and Pad models. Uniquely designed storage groove in the bottom panel make a place for you to put the accessories such as mobile phone, USB,iPad pen, wireless mouse, etc. or the stationery such as pen, eraser, stapler, etc.
  • Multi-use in Many Occasions: Such as office, meeting room, library, coffee shop, kitchen and music playing house to hold the laptops, tablets, projectors, menu, music books, magazines, etc.. A thoughtful practical gift for your friends and family.
DISCOUNTBestseller Folding Dj Laptop Stand
Laptop Stand, Multi-Angle Aluminum Ergonomic Foldable Laptop Riser, Adjustable Notebook Stand Holder for MacBook, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer and Other Laptops up to 15.6in
  • Ergonomic Riser: Laptop users are often found hunched over their computer, straining forward to see or leaning in to type, which can, over time, cause tension and unhealthy strain on the body. The MacBook stand elevate s your laptop screen for a perfect eye level, help to reduce neck and shoulder pain, back pain and eye strain and promotes proper posture while sitting.
  • Mac-style Design: Smooth,durable,premium aluminum alloy matches all surfaces and devices (especially your macbooks). We've made this to bring your home and office desk setup to the next level! The color is complementary to your desktop and beautify your desktop scenery. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion, no screws on the surface .
  • Sturdy & Protective: The laptop computer stand is made of premium aluminum alloy, which is quite durable and stylish, no screws on the surface. The rubber pads to hold your laptop stable in place and maximum protect your device from any scratches and sliding.
  • Adjustment: In addition to the Z-type design, extra added 4 adjustable heights from 18° to 25°. It's good for adjusting an ideal height for typing and watching. You can incline at different angles and stand it up higher or lower depending on your needs. Also, you can organize your office items such as keyboard and mouse under the stand.
  • Broad Compatibility: This notebook stand is compatible with all tablets and laptops models and sizes, such as MacBook, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, Chromebook and more.
Bestseller Folding Dj Laptop Stand
ThingyClub Adjustable Aluminium Universal Laptop Notebook & Tablet Stand Desk Mount Bracket Clamp Tilt Swivel Dual Arm Support Holder (Laptop & Tablet)
  • The Adjustable Desk Mounting Bracket allows for flexible positioning of your smartphone, your tablet up to 13", and your laptop up to 15.6"
  • This model is supplied with either a desk clamp fitting or a bolt through / grommet mount fitting (designed to pass through the desks cable management port reducing the need for additional drill holes). Via its screw clamp, the desk bracket can be attached to surfaces with a thickness from 1 to 5cm.
  • 400mm of height adjustment is available on the supplied 35mm diameter pole, while the dual arm configuration allows a reach of up to 420mm to be achieved with a minimum distance of 70mm from the pole in folded position. The design also allows 25° of tilt and 360° of swivel movement for laptop mount, and 80° of tilt and 180° of swivel movement for tablet mount.
  • Cable management channel keeps everything neat, tidy and out of the way
  • Package includes: Desk Clamp Pole *1, Adjustable Arm *2, Laptop Mount *1, 7''-8'',9"-13" Tablet Mount*1, 9-10" Tablet Mount *1

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DISCOUNTBest Folding Dj Laptop Stand
Magma 75527 Vektor Laptop Stand with Pouch
  • Accommodates laptops up to 17”, DJ-controllers, CDJ’s and production gear
  • Sturdy metal construction
Best Folding Dj Laptop Stand
RockJam RJLP1 Adjustable Desk Mounted Desktop Laptop Stand Laptop Riser and DJ Controller Stand
  • Laptop holder with high-quality construction
  • Laptop riser stand that holds up to 3. 6 KG’s

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New Folding Dj Laptop Stand
Adjustable laptop stand, foldable aluminum laptop desk, portable laptop bed frame with movable mouse frame and non-slip rod for bed/sofa/desk
  • Adjustable: The legs can be rotated 360 degrees in 15 degree increments; you can adjust the height and angle to suit your different positions-sitting on the sofa, lying on the bed, or even standing on the table; up to 17 inches laptop
  • Lightweight and sturdy: The portable folding laptop desk uses a lightweight and high-strength aluminum tray, which is easy to carry and fully ergonomically designed to fix your computer at almost any position or angle.
New Folding Dj Laptop Stand
hongbanlemp DJ Presentation Mount Lightweight Height Adjustable Laptop Stand Tripod, Portable Projector Tripod Stand, Multifunction Compact Stand for Travel/Photography/Projector Projector bracket
  • The rugged projector stand works well as a portable laptop or notebook computers, projectors, audio equipment.
  • With the stand’s quick and easy setup it is perfect for home, on stage or in studio, indoor or outdoor use.The stand supports laptops, recorder, projectors, music notes, books, sound media equipment, etc. It can be used by musicians, DJs, performers, engineers, teachers, and students.

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