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ZOZO 10W 5V2a (2000mA) Multi Tip Switching Replacement AC Power Adapter Wall Charger for Android Tablets Webcam Routers Toys Recorder Bluetooth Speaker and More DC 5v Devices
  • This AC wall 5V 2A power adapter with multiple tips works for many small digital electronics. Like some 5v scanner, router, Bluetooth speaker, raspberry pi 3, Foscam Wireless IP Camera, tablets and more compatible 5v devices
  • Worldwide Input:110-240V, Output: 5V 2.1A, Max 10W. Compatible 5v 1000mA,1.5a, 1.75a, 5v 1a, 5v 500mA. DC Tip Polarity:Central Positive(+)
  • MULTIPLE TIPS - Selected various popular connectors, can power most your 5V DC charging devices. Providing you more power choices. DC Tip Dimensions: 3.0x1.0mm, 2.5x0.7mm, 3.5x1.35mm, 5.5x2.5mm, 5.5x2.1mm, 4.0x1.7mm, Micro USB
  • Design-safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating and overloading. This 5v Ac power supply is made from quality material to ensure the long lifetime. Power your 5v electronics perfectly and replaces lots of 5 volt power chargers
  • Package include: 1 x High Quality 5V 2A AC DC Power Supply, 1 Set x Tips
Latest Icraig Laptop Charger
Universal Laptop Charger - Premium Quality, 45W 5-24V, Ultra Slim - AC Adapter Power Supply Cord with USB Port for Mobile/Tablet - for Notebooks Lenovo HP Toshiba Samsung Acer Asus Sony and More
  • VERSATILE, READABLE AND SAFE: Use our laptop charger power up your laptop, charge its battery and tablet/mobile simultaneously. LCD shows DC & USB output voltage. Self-adjust current prevent over charging, over voltage and overheating.
  • ULTRA SLIM AND PORTABLE: Easy to be packed in the bag for travel. Ideal for ultra books & netbooks. Highly recommend for business man, IT engineer and writer who use laptop in different occasions.
  • RELIABLE TOP QUALITY LAST LONGER: Sold by the manufacturer which specialized in the power charger field since year 2000. All product are 100% inspected before shipment. Best quality you can rely on.
  • NOT FOR ALL NOTEBOOKS: 15 tips enable most models compatible but not all. Don`t know the laptop tip size? Send the brand and model to us for suggestion before order.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Universal laptop charger adapter with DC cable, 1.5m AC cord, 15 tips, Instruction, 2 years guarantee and satisfied customer service. Get this premium replacement charger to bring a new life for your old device now.
Latest Icraig Laptop Charger
UpBright 5V AC/DC Adapter Compatible with iCraig Craig Electronics CLP290 CLP290a CLP293 14" Slimbook Netbook CLP293 BK CLP293 BL CLP293 RD CLP293 PL CLP290c CLP290c-BL CLP290c RD 5VDC Power Supply
  • World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection). Tested Units. In Great Working Condition. UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty.
  • UpBright New Global 5V AC / DC Adapter Compatible with iCraig Craig Electronics CLP290 CLP290a CLP290c CLP293 14" Slimbook Netbook CLP293 BK CLP293 BL CLP293 RD CLP293 PL 5VDC Power Supply Cord Cable PS Wall Home Battery Charger Mains PSU
  • Compatible with: iCraig Craig Electronics CLP290 BK CLP 290 CLP290a BK CLP290aBK Clp290bl Clp290rd CLP290CPL 14" HD Dual Core Slimbook 13.3 inch Netbook Laptop 5 VDC 5.0V Power Supply;
  • Compatible with: iCraig Craig Electronics CLP290c CLP290c-BL CLP290c RD Quad Core 13.3 inch HD Screen Android Powered Slimbook Power Supply;
  • Compatible with: CRAIG 14" Quad Core Android Netbook Model CLP293 CLP293 BK CLP293 BL CLP293 RD CLP293 PL CLP293BK CLP293BL CLP293RD CLP293PL
Latest Icraig Laptop Charger
Pwr Charger for Sylvania, Philips, Sunpin, Craig, Cooau, DBPower, Synagy, Wonnie, Ematic Portable DVD Player - UL Listed Extra Long 6.5 Ft Cord AC Adapter Rapid Power Supply
  • FEATURES / POWER SPECS : Only Pwr+ Chargers Have Extra Long 6.5 Ft Power AC/DC cords / Output: 12V 2A (9-12V 1.5-2A Compatible) / Input 110-240V / Original DVD Player Charger AC Adapter Power Cord Replacement by PWR+ / Made in Taiwan
  • COMPATIBILITY: APEMAN PV760 PV1570 // Craig CTFT713 CTFT716n // COOAU CU-101 CU-103 CU-903 // DR. J Professional 12.5" // DBPOWER 9.5" 10.5" 12.1" MK101 PD116 PD928 THX-120100KE // FUNAVO 918A // ieGeek IK9 IK-102 // NaviSkauto PD10002B // Pyle PDV156BK // SUNPIN 9.5" D969 // SYNAGY A30 A29 // Sykik SYDVD196 // TENKER PD918 // THZY 9001 9301 // UEME PD-0091 PD-0093 PD-0091 PD-1010 PD-1020 // WONNIE 9.5" 10.5" // ZESTYI ZE-102 // Ematic DVD Player (!!!NOT FOR LAPT0P!!!) EPD116BL EPD116BU JB901PR
  • Sylvania 1030 7011 7012 7014 7015 7027 7045 7047 8728 9000 9020 Series; P/N Eadp-18sb Adpv18a Asuc12a-090080 Ay4128 Ay4133 Ay4197 Ly02 Ly-02; Sylvania Pb9011/37 Pd/9000 Pd7012/37 Pd9000/37 Pd9012 Pd9012/37 Pd9012m/37 Pd9016 Pd9016/37 Pet741m/37 Sdvd1010 Sdvd1030 Sdvd1032 Sdvd1048 Sdvd1251 Sdvd1256 Sdvd1332 Sdvd1566 Sdvd7014 Sdvd7040b Sdvd7078 Sdvd8737a Sdvd8739 Sdvd9019 Sdvd9020 Sdvd9020b Sdvd9805 Sdvd9957
  • SAFETY / UL LISTED: Tested, Approved and Certified by UL. E475124 number is unique to PWR+ and easily verifiable on UL website. Amazon prohibits sale of electronics that do not meet UL safety requirements: UL logo and UL number should be displayed on the product's label and packaging. Safety of your equipment, business, home and family depends on the quality of your electronics.
  • WARRANTY: 30 Days Refund - 24 Months Exchange. PWR+ is WA, USA based company. We are friendly Customer Support Experts
Latest Icraig Laptop Charger
UpBright USB Charging Cable PC Laptop 5V DC Charger Power Cord Replacement for Craig Electronics Inc. CHT913 BT CHT913BT CR4189 CR4189BT Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless FM Stereo Radio Sound Speaker
  • Tested Units. In Great Working Condition. UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty.
  • UpBright New USB Charging Cable PC Laptop 5V DC Charger Power Cord Replacement for Craig Electronics Inc. CHT913 BT CHT913BT CR4189 CR4189BT Portable Rechargeable Digital Bluetooth Wireless FM Stereo Radio Sound Speaker Bar System

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